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Proudly Made In

Nikanda is owned and run

by Tim Watts, a Canadian!

About Us

According to the Urban Dictionary, “Nikanda” means completely amazing, in all ways, shapes and forms. Also known as stunning.

Tim Watts makes the best dog training equipment in Canada, providing products to many different trainers and professional dog competitors.

As a manufacturer in the industry since 1997, Nikanda Working Dog Equipment has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the manufacturing of fantastic products. We operate on a global scale, providing a variety of quality products and innovations. The industry is constantly changing, so it’s important that keep up with the latest advancements and ideas.

We have been building top-quality equipment for dog enthusiasts that never settle for second best. 
Focusing on quality materials and workmanship, we strive for excellent customer satisfaction and great value.
Our roots came from the lack of available options in a small specialty market.  Researching and designing products that aided in competitive training and transporting sporting dog communities, but to all dog enthusiasts.

We now offer top quality aluminum dog crates.  These crates are not only beautiful but also extremely well designed and built.  Originally designed as an alternative to plastic and wire crates, for durability and confinement issues, we went a step above by adding colour and class to them. 

Built for the entire range of dog owners, from competitive obedience to high drive working dogs, to dogs campaigning in the breed ring, to high anxiety dogs, we will build a crate for you.  Although we don’t like to use the term “escape-proof,” we have a great success rate to date.  Our crates started as very utilitarian but have evolved into stunning works that customers are proud to show off.

This will be the only crate you ever need to buy. These kennels are built to last, unlike the popular plastic crates everyone has. These are unique, custom-built crates that do their job like no other.

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